Sarah Winful

Certified Personal Trainer at HomeFIT

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Health, Wellness, and Fitness

About Me

Sarah originally comes from a background of Drama and Dance making her a very active and creative person from an early age. Fitness had always been a part of her lifestyle but she also enjoyed food and was not aware off how much she was actually eating. As the years went on by the time she was 16 she was over 16st! Finally a day came where Sarah knew where her body would end up if she continued on this path and refused to live that life.

After 2 hard years she went from a size 14 down to a size 8-10. Sarah continued to regularly exercise, although she couldn’t afford a gym membership at the time she found ways to exercise at home and was able to maintain her weight loss. The importance of exercise for Sarah really became apparent when she found she was using it as a coping mechanism after coming out of a very traumatic relationship. Exercise helped her to not only strengthen her mind, body, and soul but ultimately helped her overcome depression.

While a stay at home mother raising her son she came across a course to become a fitness instructor and thought it would be great to gain more knowledge on something she valued so much. Once qualified she began working in gyms and realised not only did she love to exercise but she also loved to help others do the same. She felt an immediate spark when helping a gym member with equipment or showing them how to correctly perform a move and knew from there she was made to help people through exercise.

Sarah noticed when working in the gym that they were very short staffed, therefore members couldn’t receive the help and advice they needed, many members were intimidated by the gym environment and a lot of gym members did not know if what they were doing in the gym was of any benefit; because of this once Sarah qualified as Personal Trainer she created HomeFit4u.

Sarah’s goal is to not only help you lose weight but change the your mindset of how you view yourself and your relationship to fitness, she doesn’t believe in fad diets or weighing you every day she wants you to not only look great but feel great. She prides herself on making sure during & after every session you feel amazing (sore yes) but none less Amazing, she has a way with people and understands the struggles most of us have with food and exercise. With a Fitness Motivator like Sarah guiding you the hardest hurdle has already been jumped so push fears to the side and take the plunge.


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