Do you find it difficult to stay motivated?
Would you finally like to have a body free from aches and pains?
Keep you functional, active and independent?
Maintain optimum health and wellbeing?
Increase energy and become physically and mentally stronger?

Keep Fit 4U!
Frequently asked Questions

Who is HomeFit for?

People who do not like the gym environment, do not have the time to get to a fitness facility, feel they need guidance from a fitness professional, for those who are not self motivated and really need to be pushed to start a healthier lifestyle journey.

How does HomeFit work?

The instructor Sarah will call you to arrange a suitable day, time and location. All you need to do it fill in the relevant forms ready for first meeting. Equipment and mats are provided for your session. You will need is a bottle of water, a safe environment and comfortable clothing.

I have a young child at home can I still book a session?

Sarah is a mother herself and understands the demands of parenthood so is more than happy to have your little one in the session but please be aware this does work for all families; so it can be a trial and error process to establish a suitable pattern & session length that works for everyone.

What if my space is too small?

HomeFit was created for this reason; the instructor is very experienced and knows how to utilize an area for a great workout.

Are there Group classes?

Yes Homefit4u currently lead 1 group class in Penge.
HF4U also offer Couples training, kids fitness through games, private group training and Yoga lessons.

Can Homefit sessions be performed anywhere else?

You are welcome to arrange another location to perform sessions if you feel this is necessary, you could meet the trainer at a park, office space or gym facility.

What to expect in a HomeFit4u Session

HF4U Training Offered

HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active or recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Kettle Bell Training

kettle bell is an effective workout to burn calories and build strength! also helps to build balance, power, muscle and stamina. A kettle bell is a cast-iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it and can range in weight from 5lbs-100lbs.

Resistance Training

When exercising with resistance band training every part of both the concentric and eccentric part of the muscles experiences resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation. This portable exercise equipment is perfect for home use.

Weight Training

Weight training is a type of strength training that uses weights to add resistance. Weight training helps you lose weight and body fat in a few different ways causing them to adapt and get stronger, similar to the way aerobic conditioning strengthens your heart


Men and women of all ages, body types and abilities will experience a greater range of flexibility, increased muscle strength, feel energized, balanced and reduce weight.A perfect way to relax and release tension.

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Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercises – get results partly because they involve compound movements—meaning numerous joints and muscles are engaged in each move. Compound exercises such as push-ups and lunges have been shown to be extremely effective for strength gains and performance improvements.


Aerobic exercise – Also known as cardio exercise this activity has many benefits such as Increased energy levels, Reduced stress and improved mental health (due to the release of endorphin’s in the brain) Increased heart and lung efficiency and Reduced blood pressure, resting heart rate and risk of stroke or heart attack.

Guaranteed value for money 

Flexible & Monthly payments

30 min session



Minimum booking 2

45 min sessions



Minimum booking 2

60 min 1 session



Minimum booking 1

Available Monday-Friday 5.30am-7.30am
Saturdays 8am-1pm

HomeFit4U Client Agreement

Medical Clearance and Physician

Personal Trainer - Consultation Form

BONUS - Basic low calorie meal plan

HomeFit4U – On the comfort of your own home.
“I have always wanted to use a personal trainer as I work night / weekend shifts. So I contacted Sarah and I do recommend her. She is motivating, encouraging and will ‘push’ you to your limit in the comfort of your own. She will give health advice on rest, nutrition and staying healthy. She has excellent time keeping and very professional. Harriet”
Miss H
“I have always struggled to gain weight and felt my physique made me look alot younger than i am. Thanks to Sarah’s help I’ve been able to go up a dress size in 7 months. Its been a steady process but well worth it. Thank you Sarah”
Miss F
“I would recommend homefit to all busy mums out there, at first i felt guilty for having a half hour session a week but Sarah helped me realise by me exercising I was not being selfish, i already feel healthier and more energetic. She is also great around my little one and manages to keep her entertained at the same time.”
Mis Z
“I only trained with Sarah for 6 weeks due to my work but she taught me a tremendous variety of exercise techniques that i can use at home, in a hotel, with or without weights and even for when im sitting on a long flight. Whenever I am back in London HomeFit will always be my first point of call for a Personal Trainer.”
Miss P
“Sarah has been training me on and off for 2 years and never makes me feel bad for falling off the wagon, its her encouraging and open personality that always has me coming back to her. I have tried other trainers in the past who were either too pushy or just trying to get as much money out of me as possible. With Sarah you can tell she truly cares and understands the ups and downs on weightloss journey.”
Miss S.G.
My experience with Sarah is the best that I’ve had from any trainer. She gets straight to it and focuses on your goals and areas you want to change. I like the way she mixes up the exercises different routines every day. In past experiences with different trainers I found that they would constantly do the same things every day but with Sarah she doesn’t. Also I like the fact she brings her own equipment such as the basics like a exercise mat. No other trainer has done that. She would also bring music which is always positive, uplifting and motivational. Sarah also motivates me to push harder than I do. If I say I can’t do something she always motivates me to do it and enables me not give up. Whilst training with Sarah I have discovered that I can do more then I think I can and Sarah has made me see that. Sessions are never boring and I’ve found that I do more when I enjoy the session and working with the trainer. Sarah’s dedication is being a personal trainer and I can see that by the way she works and does not let anything distract her in the session. Miss S

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